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Physical activity: not always the more the better

We have the ugly habit in this consumerist society in which we live that the more material quantity, more properties, more attributes, more purchasing power we have. It will give us greater satisfaction, happiness and it is not always so.

We have the ugly habit that when we are more handsome, we are more attractive, but pretenders. Greater self-esteem you will have and you will not need grandmother practically and this is not always so.

You ask yourself, what the heck does that have to do with physical activity? As with material or human resources, not always more is better. And this affirmation is fulfilled in the field of Physical activity and Sport. What do we rely on to justify this idea? In science!
In order to explain this first one has to understand how the improvement of the physical form or the state of health with the physical exercise takes place. We must understand that exercise is an aggression to our homeostasis. (Set of phenomena of self-regulation, which lead to the maintenance of constancy in the composition and properties of the internal environment of an organism). And that once physical exercise takes time it takes time to allow our body to return to said homeostasis, and also with a series of adaptations that before a new stimulus, does not reoccur again such imbalance.

So far all very nice but what is the problem? That our body will tend to spend the minimum possible resources and that is why if you leave too much time between session and physical activity session, not enough adaptations are generated to improve our fitness. What would be the key in this regard? Perform physical exercise in such a way that we use enough time to recover from that stimulus, but without leaving too much time for those adaptations that occur in physical exercise to be lost.
The issue is much more complex than it seems since in order to allow a correct evolution it is necessary to follow some rules called the training principles (Bompa, 2007) and one of these norms is the principle of optimization load-recovery and it is in which Is based this phenomenon that we mentioned above and that is denominated overcompensation.

Now you will tell me: Very nice everything, but what do I draw as conclusion? Or what application can I get for myself or my loved ones? How many times your grandfather, your aunt, your cousin, your father has gone to the doctor and any health problem in which it is advisable to perform the practice of physical activity has told your doctor: Go you walk !? And your grandfather with knee problem, difficulty in the coordination of the march and endless problems of his age or context that makes it impossible to perform such activity.

Another example is that with back problems, something that is usually prescribed in medical centers and that is heard a lot is “do swimming, is the most complete sport”, without taking into account your knowledge of the technique and its implementation. Because yes, gentlemen! Physical exercise is the most powerful medicine you can perform and as all medicines need the correct dose, ie amount of exercise required: Weekly frequency, Intensity, type of activity, (we must individualize physical exercise, like a doctor does not Prescription antibiotics specific in a virus, since it will not be eliminated by this medicine).

In this sense, a physical trainer should be individualized according to each context and this will be the key to performing more or less amount of exercise (an expert trainer in Sports Science does not plan training / physical exercise that does not produce positive effect or worse yet Exercise that further worsens the pathology of our patient).

Undoubtedly this is a problem in which society must take action in the matter, because the examples mentioned above make more references in the use of physical activity against special populations or people with different pathologies. But now, whether you want to improve from the point of view of health or improve your sports performance, these principles must be respected and not missing any because at the time one of our principles are not realized, our house will collapse as clear example.

What is the problem? Which from my point of view I see today, and above all it occurs in sports centers, low-cost gyms or centers with unprofessional people. There is no initial evaluation in which we collect information on the history of injuries, pathology , sports history, training habits.

On the other hand, the objectives to be achieved are not clear in many cases, information is not given or not specifically trained in relation to the modality in which we want to perform. (For example, it is meaningless to perform an exclusive work of hypertrophy in Sports in which it is not needed or even not recommended, such as golf).

How many times have you seen a friend in your gym who trains hours and hours and hours and instead does not improve on weight marks and in many cases does not improve from the aesthetic point of view, from a certain period? To answer this question, which is not easy, there are agencies such as the ACSM (American College of Sport Medicine) that give a number of recommendations in this regard as to quantity and quality, in addition to all this, new trends in Training such as High Intensity Interval Training and recent publications give much more light on the subject, since at greater intensity or load in the exercise or training the duration of the same will decrease.

Ladies and gentlemen, the field of physical activity needs professionals who take into account these premises, since as in nutrition, medicine, nursing, physiotherapy and all branches of health, one of the keys to the success of our patients will be the individualization And apply science to become efficient. The key will be as one of the principles of the economy (invest as little as possible and get the maximum profits) or what is the same train as little as possible achieving the maximum possible profits.

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