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5 natural solutions to remove make-up quickly

It is essential that you take into account your type of skin and that, when removing makeup, choose those solutions that best fit the nature of your skin

1. Makeup remover for oily skin

This simple makeup remover is a natural product that helps to regulate the production of fat by the sebaceous glands, so it diminishes the bright and dirty appearance of the skin.

Contains oats, a moisturizing ingredient that facilitates deep cleansing while removing dead cells.


1 tablespoon oats (8 g)
2 tablespoons hot water (20 ml)

What should you do?

Moisten the oats with the hot water and rub the paste all over the face.
Let it act for a couple of minutes and remove it with warm water.

2. Makeup remover with almond oil

Almond oil is a product rich in fatty acids and antioxidants that help protect the skin from environmental aggression.

Its oily texture facilitates the removal of beauty products without causing clogging in pores or alterations in pH.

In addition, in this case we combine it with a little rose water to obtain a toning and rejuvenating effect.


1 tablespoon almond oil (14 g)
2 tablespoons of rose water (20 ml)

What should you do?

Mix the two ingredients in a bowl and rub them on the skin with gentle circular motions.
Wait for a minute to penetrate and remove the excess with a soft cloth.

3. Make-up remover for mixed skin

Although some essential oils are suitable for cleansing the makeup of mixed skin, applying honey to bees is healthier.

This is rich in moisturizing compounds and repairers that, in addition to removing dead skin, clean impurities and minimize deterioration caused by the sun’s rays.


1 tablespoon honey (25 g)
3 tablespoons hot water (30 ml)

What should you do?

Mix the honey with the hot water and rub it on the areas that you want to remove.
Remove excess with a damp cloth and rinse with warm water to avoid a sticky feeling.

4. Make-up remover for dry skin

The skin with excess of dryness requires the application of products with moisturizing compounds, since these contribute to regulate their normal production of oils.

In this case we propose a makeup remover rich in oily substances, ideal for moisturizing and relieving dryness.


1 tablespoon almond oil (14 g)
2 tablespoons organic coconut oil (30 g)
1 capsule of vitamin E

What should you do?

Melt all the ingredients in the bath and make sure they are well incorporated.
Pack the product in a glass jar and take a small amount to remove makeup.

5. Make-up remover with petroleum jelly

One of the alternative uses of petroleum jelly has to do with natural cosmetics and their ability to thoroughly clean the skin.

This greasy texture product removes the cosmetics attached to the skin and leaves a feeling of moisture and elasticity.


1 teaspoon Vaseline (7 g)
1 teaspoon sugar (optional) (5 g)

What should you do?

Take some Vaseline with your fingertips and rub them over the areas of the complexion you want to remove.
Let it act for a couple of minutes and remove with a soft cloth.
Optionally you can combine it with a bit of coarse sugar to exfoliate the skin while you are cleansing.

To achieve a fresher and cleaner skin try to complement the use of these products with a wash with warm water and neutral soap.

In addition, in case of sensitive skin and fat you can use makeup wipes to avoid all kinds of aggression.

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