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8 simple ways to show your love without words

Do the words are gone with the wind. Nothing to show your love as actions. Can you demonstrate what you feel without using words? Did you remember this guy who repeatedly told you that he loved you, but it was just words and he never backed his confession with actions? Of course, it does not mean that you can not tell someone you love him. Just try, from time to time, to demonstrate with actions to your partner, your friend or your parents that you love them to have a closer relationship.

1. Make time for them

No matter how busy you are, you should always have time for those you love. You may have many important things to do and meetings and perhaps your partner, father or friend will understand. But it is not so difficult to pick up the phone to call them and ask them how your day is going. Or take a little break to have coffee together. A weekend picnic is also a good idea.

2. Listen to them

One of the simplest ways to show your love without using words is to listen to them. Listen to every word they say even when it is boring or you do not like the topic of conversation. If they ask you if they told you this story, why not say ‘Yes, but could you tell me again because I have forgotten some things’? If they like to tell that particular story again and again, do not interrupt them and just listen to them.

3. Hugs and kisses

When it comes to showing someone that you love them without using words, the warmth of kisses and hugs are best. Whether it is a kiss of good morning or good night, or a hug to let them know that you care about them or that you miss them, this is a great way to express your love.

4. Make your life easier

I do not mean giving them money or doing things they should do. I mean doing small things like taking out the trash or buying missing food without being asked or doing something they do not like to do to them. Although it may seem small, doing it can make your life easier.

5. An unexpected surprise

Who does not like surprises? When you hear everything that someone tells you, you learn a lot about them. Something like remembering a favorite ice cream flavor so that you can surprise that person when you are sad will be an eloquent detail to show what you feel.

6. Send them a special package

If someone you love lives far, why not send them a special package? When it comes to love, distance is not a problem and you can show them the same way you really care about them. A bundle of small things you know you need or like is all you need to show your love without using words.


7. Cook something

Most people usually cook on special occasions like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, but why not cook something special for someone you love? Find out your favorite dish and try to cook it today. You can even cook it and surprise this person in your workplace or in college.

8. Support them

They all make mistakes, they are part of human nature. So it is important to support someone you love if you are going through difficult times. Even if you told them not to do it, they did not pay attention and now they repent, do not tell them ‘I told you so.’ Support them and tell them that mistakes serve us and that everyone is wrong, we must learn from our mistakes and our life.

Learning to show your love without words does not have to be difficult, even the smallest things can make a big difference in the day of the person to whom you surprise. Feel free to express yourself through good deeds instead of saying words, but make sure you do it honestly. In what way do you show your love without using words?

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