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5 natural solutions to remove make-up quickly

It is essential that you take into account your type of skin and that, when removing makeup, choose those solutions that best fit the nature of your skin 1. Makeup remover for oily skin This simple makeup remover is a natural product that helps to regulate the production of fat …

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The skin you inhabit

Your skin is a marker of your health and your diet. Take care of your diet and exercise, you will have a soft skin that will talk about your healthy lifestyle. Your skin reflects your health, take care of it. We’ll tell you how. The skin is our largest and …

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Tips for properly depilating the bikini area

When it is time to shave and shave the bikini area, we must be especially careful and take precautions to avoid irritations or unwanted cuts It is very common for most women to be interested in the appearance of their intimate area. Not only to wear a bikini, but also …

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