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মুসুরের ডাল খান অাপনি? তাহলে লেখাটি অবশ্যই পড়ুন!

কবে আমরা বুঝবো বলুন তো যে শুধু পেট ভরাতে আমরা খাই না। বরং শরীর বাঁচাতে খাবারের (food) প্রয়োজন পরে। তাই খাবার (food) নির্বাচন করার সময় শুধু স্বাদের কথা না ভেবে, কী কী খাবার (food) শরীর গঠনে সাহায্য করতে পারে, সে বিষয়ে খোঁজ খবর নেওয়া উচিত। কিন্তু আমরা কি এমনটা করে …

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Physical activity: not always the more the better

We have the ugly habit in this consumerist society in which we live that the more material quantity, more properties, more attributes, more purchasing power we have. It will give us greater satisfaction, happiness and it is not always so. We have the ugly habit that when we are more …

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Alcohol moderately causes cancer (yes, it feels)

Many people were already aware of some of the most widespread lies in the history of nutrition. What am I talking about? The relationship between alcohol consumption and health. A mantra spread to fire among the general population: That glass of wine per day or beer to rehydrate, both sold …

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5 false sports myths that you should know!!!

Many things are heard and read about sport that are not entirely true, although they are incorporated in many discourses. We tell you the most frequent topics. Learning to distinguish myths from scientific data will help you more than you believe in your workouts. We have already seen in numerous …

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