Sunday , May 19 2019

The skin you inhabit

Your skin is a marker of your health and your diet. Take care of your diet and exercise, you will have a soft skin that will talk about your healthy lifestyle. Your skin reflects your health, take care of it. We’ll tell you how. The skin is our largest and …

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Romantic Hotel on Rodanthe Beach, North Carolina

This home is located on Pea Island, a wildlife refuge in North Carolina, USA. The house on the beach is not only breathtaking by itself, it is also famous for being a memorable part in the movie Nights in Rodanthe. This house was Serendipity, a romantic inn in the film …

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This Mysterious Cave Produces Ice Only In Summer

There is a mine that has perplexed many researchers and is that such geological anomaly seems impossible to believe. This is the Coudersport Ice Mine, located on the Ice Mine Road in Sweden. We do not speak of the European country, but of a locality that is called in the …

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